How to Build a Laminar Flow Hood


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06:44 Step 1: Cut the Side for the Main Cabinet
07:06 Step 2: Cut & Fasten 2×3
07:42 Step 3: Build the Main Cabinet
08:23 Step 4: Cut the Top Hole for Blower
08:58 Step 5: Install Weather Stripping
09:24 Step 6: Mount the Plywood Strips
10:06 Step 7: Mount the Blower
10:37 Step 8: Cut Sides for Prefilter Box
11:06 Step 9: Assemble the Prefilter Box
11:23 Step 10: Attach the Prefilter Rails
11:28 Step 11: Attach Prefilter box to the Main Cabinet
11:50 Step 12: Wire Blower and Switch
12:35 Step 13: Attach Plywood Strips for Back Panel
12:42 Step 14: Add the HEPA Filter
13:03 Step 15: Silicon the inside of The Main Cabinet
13:12 Step 16: Attach the Back Panel and Silicon Shut
13:24 Step 17: Cut and Fasten Front Plywood Strips

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