How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms


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00:49 STEP 1:
First, you will need to prepare the monotub for the colonization process. Cover all the holes with tape.
02:27 STEP 2:
Second, break up your fully colonized spawn bag.
03:47 STEP 3:
Third, layer your fully colonized spawn bag and bulk substrate in the Monotub close the lid. Place the tub in a warm place (77 to 82 degrees) for about 14 days to fully colonize.
09:03 STEP 4:
Fourth, After 14 days prepare the monotub to fruit. Remove all the tape from each hole and replace with polyfil. Then, crack the lid and put the monotub next to a place that gets natural sunlight. But, DO NOT PUT IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. This will kill the mycelium.
16:35 STEP 5:
Fifth, twice or three times a day mist and fan your mushrooms.
21:50 STEP 6:
Sixth, after about 5 to 9 days it will be time to harvest. Clean a knife and cut each mushroom at the base and ENJOY!

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