How to Inoculate Grain Spawn Bags with Liquid Spores

Supplies List

  • Grain spawn bag
  • Syringe with spores
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol with Sprayer
  • Alcohol Prep Pad/Wipes
  • Lighter
  • Gloves


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00:10 STEP 1:
First, turn off A/C and furnace to minimize airborne contagions. Also, try to use a room with minimal airflow and closed doors.
00:20 STEP 2:
Next, disinfect and sterilize everything!
00:42 STEP 3:
Then, prepare your spawn bag. Look over the bag to make sure there is no damages or holes. Then carefully pull open the sides of the bag to allow the filter to breathe during colonization. Use an alcohol wipe to sterilize the black injection port.
01:29 STEP 4:
Now prepare the syringe. Shake syringe to separate spore cluster. Remove the needle and safety cap from the syringe and attach the needle tightly without touching the needle. Then flame the needle for 15 to 20 seconds and wipe to remove soot.
04:23 STEP 5:
Next, slowly inject the syringe into the injection port and inject spores in 4 to 5 places in the bag.
05:09 STEP 6:
Finally, let the bag sit in a dark warm place (77 to 82 degrees) for about 30 days to allow the mycelium to fully colonize.

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