Inflatable Monotub Kit

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Inflatable Monotub Kit comes with 10 plugs and 10 1-inch filters.

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If you’re looking for a simple setup for growing homegrown mushrooms without the high cost of shipping a plastic tub, this inflatable monotub kit is it – virtually hands-free and so easy! Perfect for first-time growers – I’ll even help you through the process if you have any questions!

Includes 10 Red Plugs and 10 1-inch filters.

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × .25 in

8 reviews for Inflatable Monotub Kit

  1. Dave

    Looking forward to getting one. Some shipping delays but worth the wait! Please be patient folks.

    • Boomer Shroomer

      Thank you! I heard from the logistics company yesterday; they are supposed to be of the container this Friday!! (Nov 12, 2021) Then they are only 6 hours away from me! Hopefully I will have them by end of November.

  2. Anonymous

    Wonderful resource.


    Just ordered my kit. Can’t wait to try it. I hope the payment went through.

  4. Jay

    Excitedly waiting ! Good size for multiple tubs in a Martha Stewart setup and more for sure

  5. WW

    Is the bottom of the tub double walled and inflated like the sides, or is it just a layer of non-inflated plastic?

    • Boomer Shroomer

      The bottom is not inflated. It is just one layer of plastic. Easier to clean. I looked at making the bottom inflatable but it added extra cost and didn’t really make it stronger. Just harder to clean.

  6. Jordan C

    Excited to receive mine

  7. Jake Hamilton (verified owner)

    Well worth the wait. Got mine yesterday. Set it up and it looks great. Plan on using it this weekend. Get you one of these, it’s so easy and for the price, it’s a steal for sure.

    • Boomer Shroomer (verified owner)

      Thank you! ❤️❤️

  8. Jeremy Rivera (verified owner)

    Just started a grow this morning with this tub. It couldn’t have been easier to set up, especially with the included guide and Ashley’s awesome videos. Can’t wait for the results. Highly recommended.

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